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01/15/15: 2014 Run Stats Are Complete

Poison Control:1-800-222-1222
Town Numbers
Amherst Fire Dept1-413-259-3082
Amherst Police1-413-259-3000
Other Important Numbers
Child Abuse Hotline1-800-792-5200
Domestic Violence1-800-799-7233
Elder Abuse Hotline1-800-922-2275
Mass DFS1-978-567-3100
Mass DPH1-800-624-6000
Rape Crisis Hotline1-413-545-0800
Safe Passage1-413-586-5066
Vet. Crisis Hotline1-800-273-8255
Useful Links
- A.P.L.S. - S.A.F.E.
- Amherst Fire Dept
- Amherst Police
- Family Fire Safety
- Kid's Fire Safety
- Town of Amherst
- US Fire Administration

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