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Town Manager Ignores Public Safety
January 17, 2015

Town Manager John Musante recently presented his budget proposal for the upcoming year. The budget included increased staffing for Police, DPW, and Town Hall, but not a single position for the Fire Department, which has been struggling with dangerous... (See full story)
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Dangerous Staffing Continues to Plague Amherst
January 15, 2015

Fire fighting made #3 on Forbes top 10 most stressful jobs of 2014. Numbers 1 and 2 were both Military positions, leaving ours the #1 most stressful civilian job of 2014.

For most who work in public safety, this means missing family di... (See full story)
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Press Release
Sunday, September 21, 2014


The world of public safety is a fluid and ever-changing environment. Every day, police, fire, and EMS personnel in our community hit the road not knowing what situations they will be required to handle. En... (See full story)
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Press Release: Blarney Blowout
March 12, 2014


One year ago Amherst Fire Fighters Local 1764 IAFF spoke out against the detrimental environment of the Blarney Blowout, and lack of public safety staffing to handle such an incident. This past weekend reso... (See full story)
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Crews and Community in Serious Danger
February 26, 2014

Our situation has gone from bad to worse! While on-duty crews have been stretched to the breaking point covering day-to-day calls, the small town of Shutesbury to our north is now battling a structure fire.

The small, dedicated volunte... (See full story)
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Why is Station Coverage Dangerous?
February 17, 2014

Lately we have been posting most of the calls for Station Coverage in Amherst. Many people, however, do not realize the significance of these calls for help. Here is a quick explanation.

The Amherst Fire Department issues a call for ... (See full story)
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Fire Service Cannot Keep Up With Demand
February 15, 2014

In the past 24 hours the Amherst Fire Department has been forced to call for off-duty station coverage six times because of high call volumes demanding too much of our resources. This means there were six times when our community did not have any pr... (See full story)
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Low Staffing Equal Slow Responses
Friday, January 24, 2014

According to the NFPA ( National Fire Protection Association ), a minimum of 14 to 15 fire fighters is needed to safely fight a two-story, single-family dwelling with no basement and no threatened exposures. This does not consider endangered exposure... (See full story)
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MVC With Entrapment During Snow Storm
Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday afternoon at approximately 3:40 PM our crews were dispatched to Bay Rd. for a car vs tree with entrapment. One of our ambulances was already on a call, leaving eight fire fighters in town. Those eight fire fighters responded with A-2... (See full story)
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Rescue At The Notch
Sunday, January 12, 2014

On Friday afternoon, January 10, Tour 3 handled a call for an injured hiker on the trails up by the Notch Visitors Center on Rt 116 in South Amherst. Although the patient was only a couple hundred yards down the trail, icy conditions and uneven terr... (See full story)
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2013 Continued Trend of Rising Call Volumes
Sunday, January 5, 2014

After a relatively busy 2011 and a relatively quiet 2012 ("relatively" being the key word for both of those), 2013 was right on track with the trend of the past thirty years. The Amherst Fire Department responded to a total of 5,690 em... (See full story)
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Local 1764 Reaches Agreement with Town
Monday, December 30, 2013


The members of Amherst Fire Fighters Local 1764 IAFF are pleased to announce ratification of a Collective Bargaining Agreement between the union membership and the Town of Amherst. A three year agreement, it encom... (See full story)
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Rising Number of UMass Emergencies
Wednesday, December 26, 2013

A report by 22News, WWLP in Springfield, recently brought to light the increasing amount of emergency traffic at the University of Massachusetts campus. However, their numbers dramatically misrepresented the number of calls handled by the Amherst Fi... (See full story)
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Busy October, But Increases In Staffing Help
Sunday, November 3, 2013

A combination of the nice weather, the Red Sox in the World Series, and the annual Halloween shenanigans all came together to create an incredibly busy Fall semester for AFD so far in 2013. Although overall calls in October were down compared with 2... (See full story)
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Despite Need for Mutual Aid, Increased Staffing Proves Its Worth
Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Although a mutual aid ambulance was needed in the early morning hours of Saturday (late Friday night), the increased staffing initiative by AFD, Amherst, and UMass made a significant difference in crews' ability to respond to and handle emergency tra... (See full story)
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UMass Steps Up - Increased Staffing Shows Significant Impact
Thursday, September 19, 2019

Thanks to funding provided by UMass, the Amherst Fire Department has been able to increase staffing on Friday and Saturday nights since the Fall semester began. These additional personnel have made a dramatic impact on the department's ability to ha... (See full story)
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Where in the World is the Chief's Lakers Basket?
Ongoing Story

Chief Nelson made the mistake of showing off his Lakers trash can in a department full of Celtics fans. Now, the can has been kidnapped and is traveling around the country on a "victory tour." A new picture will be posted for the Chief periodically. ... (See full story)
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